[TTDG-68] Christian Hornbostel / Angular Momentum – EP

What’s up tribe? Christian Hornbostel has gathered quite a big crowd of followers for many years with his consistent output of quality and varied styled productions. He’s an artist that seems to have the ability to turn his hand and magic into many styles of electronic music whilst his consistency, quality and presence always remain Read more about [TTDG-68] Christian Hornbostel / Angular Momentum – EP[…]

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[TTDG-67] MASARU & John Monroe “FALL DOWN”

What’s up tribe? We are happy to welcome back the Japanese talent MASARU & John Monroe with their ”FALL DOWN” EP on TOTEM TRAXX. Hyper Nomad Dj ”MASARU” has endless gigs worldwide, & Okinawa prefecture’s heavyweight talent “John Monroe”, also know as Keystone, is a collaboration unit named “MASARU & John Monroe” comprised in 2015. Read more about [TTDG-67] MASARU & John Monroe “FALL DOWN”[…]

[TTDG-66] lefthandsoundsystem “YOITA EP”

What’s up tribe? We are happy to welcome back the Japanese talent lefthandsoundsystem with his ”YOITA” EP. 4 eclectic warm tracks with their powerful touch. Deep basses, atmospheric sounds and crazy reverb creating a cool package ready to be dropped on any dancefloor. Enjoy and get your copy here! lefthandsoundsystem “The world which is visible Read more about [TTDG-66] lefthandsoundsystem “YOITA EP”[…]

[TTDG-64] Fabrizio Di Martino(Italy) “Acid Fog EP”

Acid fog EP – Fabrizio Di Martino [TTDG-64] TRACK LIST: 1.Acid fog (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino 2.Mind reflection (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino 3.Meteor (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino 4.Utopia (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino Fabrizio Di Martino(Italy) Born in Campania (Italy), Fabrizio Di Martino made music the key point of his life. His Read more about [TTDG-64] Fabrizio Di Martino(Italy) “Acid Fog EP”[…]

FM PORT(79.0MHz) Radio Maniart Monday“the Sound of Routine”

FM PORT(新潟県民エフエム放送)のダンスミュージック専門番組「The Sound of Routine」 に、TOTEM TRAXXのレーベルオーナーのDO SHOCK BOOZEが電話インタビューでゲスト出演します。 ダンスミュージック専門番組 「The Sound of Routine」 出演予定時刻:1月22日(月)午後10時頃~ / 1月29日(月)午後10時頃~ FM PORT(79.0MHz) Radio Maniart Monday“the Sound of Routine” ※Talking only in Japanese Navigator : KAI (PHAN PERSIE, ONEWORD RECORDS) phanpersie.com/kai 番組HP : www.fmport.com/program/index.html?key=3da108bd057c9e957000f2b9687b1cff 放送日:毎週月曜 22:00-23:00 On Air 放送局:FM PORT 79.0 (新潟県民エフエム放送株式会社) 「Radiko.jp」radiko Premium会員の方や、au LISMO WAVEから、全国どこからでもお聴き頂けます。 番組へのメッセージなどはEmail : kai@fmport.comまでお寄せ下さい。 Read more about FM PORT(79.0MHz) Radio Maniart Monday“the Sound of Routine”[…]

[TTDG-63] MASARU & John Monroe "LandScape EP"

[TTDG-63] MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP”

MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” [TTDG-63 ] Hello Tribes… We hope you all a great start into this week!! Please check out our current release MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” incl.DO SHOCK BOOZE & MASTER MASTER Remix. TRACK LIST: 01.LandScape (Original Mix) Masaru&John Monroe 02.LandScape (Do Shock Booze Remix) Masaru&John Monroe 03.Dose Complex Read more about [TTDG-63] MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP”[…]

MEiYOU by Totem Traxx

30.Dec.2017 MEiYOU by Totem Traxx at ICON , Tokyo

— MEiYOU by Totem Traxx — MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” Release of Year End Party 2017 日本発のテクノレーベル、TOTEM TRAXXより発売される最新作、MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” リリース記念パーティが大晦日イヴにICON LOUNGEで開催決定。出演にはRISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL、渚音楽祭等のフェスに出演を果たし、世界中で大人気のハイスペックスピーカー”Kannon Sound”のディレクターでもあるMASARU。80年代後半から沖縄のアンダーグラウンドシーンを創り上げてきたJOHN MONROE。静岡のマンチェスター、もしくはデトロイトこと富士市が吐き出したテクノの暴君MASTER MASTERなど、全国各地から世界基準のアーティストが登場。また、若手筆頭株のJUNYA YAMAMURAも名を連ねている。今回、TOTEM TRAXX主宰のDO SHOCK BOOZEによる新たな提示”MEiYOU”。BOILER ROOMを彷彿させるオーディエンスとの距離と現場感に拘った仕掛けがあるようだ。幾多に渡り音楽の可能性を追記してきた彼による人と音を繋げる空間に是非期待して欲しい。 Totem Traxx’s label party series ‘MEiYOU’, led by Do Shock Booze. His own brands of parties began Read more about 30.Dec.2017 MEiYOU by Totem Traxx at ICON , Tokyo[…]