[TTDG-63] MASARU & John Monroe "LandScape EP"

[TTDG-63] MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP”

MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” [TTDG-63 ] Hello Tribes… We hope you all a great start into this week!! Please check out our current release MASARU & John Monroe “LandScape EP” incl.DO SHOCK BOOZE & MASTER MASTER Remix. TRACK LIST: 01.LandScape (Original Mix) Masaru&John Monroe 02.LandScape (Do Shock Booze Remix) Masaru&John Monroe 03.Dose Complex[…]

[TTDG62] Paranoid EP by RAW_BEE

[TTDG61] Paranoid EP by RAW_BEE Tracklist 01 Paranoid sci-fi 2 02 Garden of Delights 03 Vapourization 04 Deeviate 05 Earth Continuity 06 Paranoid sci-fi Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/paranoid-ep/1981193 RAW_BEE’s biography RAW_BEE was born on the “spaceship earth” orbiting a bright G-type main sequence star that is informally referred to as a yellow dwarf star. When RAW_BEE is[…]

[TTDG61] Galactic Cafe EP by Sergiy WizarD

[TTDG61] Galactic Cafe EP by Sergiy WizarD Tracklist 1.Galactic Cafe 2.TFS 3.The Signal Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/galactic-cafe-ep/1911462 Sergiy WizarD’s biography He was born in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. He got into music when He was 14. A year later He bought his first synthesizer. His music tastes were formulated when he was listening The Prodigy, Faithless,[…]

[TTDG60] Killbotz attack EP by SS Synthasm

[TTDG60] Killbotz attack EP by SS Synthasm Tracklist 1.The planet of peace feat. guitar solo by Michal Surys – SS Synthasm 2.Killbotz attack – SS Synthasm 3.After the ashes fall – SS Synthasm Release Date : 7.NOV.2016 https://www.beatport.com/release/killbotz-attack-ep/1874828 Released by:TOTEM TRAXX This is it! Space Ship Synthasm is back with it’s electronic new-retro synthesizer stories[…]

[TTDG59] CLOUDS AND STARS by Carmelo Carone

[TTDG59] CLOUDS AND STARS by Carmelo Carone Tracklist 1.CLOUDS AND STARS 2.PLANE Beatport Exclusive Date : 15.AUG.2016 http://pro.beatport.com/release/clouds-and-stars/1824832 Released by:TOTEM TRAXX Carmelo Carone (Avioground Records / Milan , Italy) http://carmelocarone.com The fascinating Carmelo Carone is a precious and international DJ Producer of worldwide Deep House/Clubbing/Urban/House/Tech House/Underground music scene. A native of Milan. Italy, but shares[…]


Release date : 2016/8/8(Beatport Exclusive start date:2016/7/25 ) 日本国内でレジデントを務めるDO SHOCK BOOZEとU:ICHIの”EVOKE”、パーティー名と同タイトルのEPを発表。 DO SHOCK BOOZEの最新アルバム”MODERNIAN”からのシングルカットと未発表の新曲”Polygon Fairy”も収録。 オリジナルは煌びやかなシンセのアルペジオで壮大な音空間を広げていく極上のディープ・プログレッシヴ・テクノ・トラック!!リミックスはU:ICHIらしく、さらにメロディアスさを増大させたアトモスフェリック・テクノに仕上がっている。 生命体の垣根を超えた超自然的音世界に新エネルギーを見出す旅は果てしなく続く! https://www.facebook.com/musicevoke Hi Tribes. DO SHOCK BOOZE[TOTEM TRAXX] and U:ICHI[WEAVES / HOUSTRIKE] has presided over the popular party “EVOKE” of Japan will announce the EP the same as party title.”EVOKE EP” has been included the unpublished new track called[…]

[TTDG57] Latin road by Giampi Spinelli

Don’t miss this hot release from our new American talent Giampi Spinelli. TOTEM TRAXX NEW RELEASE INFORMATION TITLE : Latin road by Giampi Spinelli Track List 1.Latin road (original mix) 2.Untitrone (original mix) Beatport : http://classic.beatport.com/release/latin-road/1803959 Cast // Giampi Spinelli CATALOG # // TTDG057 FORMAT // DIGITAL RELEASE DATE // 11.July.2016 (C)Since 2010 Totem Traxx[…]

[TTDG-52] Rising Rhythm by Gukalov Music Project

Gukalov Music Project a.k.a.Alexandr Gukalov is professional artist. Since fall of the 2012th I am engaged in creation of electronic music. I have written down six albums: “Cheerful embryos” (2013), “A panic piano” (2014), “Atomic Exercise” (2014), “Full Pizazz” (2015), “Loneliness in a network” (2015), Rising Rhythm (2016). Beatport iTunes JunoDownload TITLE : Rising Rhythm[…]