[TTDG-64] Fabrizio Di Martino(Italy) “Acid Fog EP”

Acid fog EP – Fabrizio Di Martino [TTDG-64]

1.Acid fog (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino
2.Mind reflection (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino
3.Meteor (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino
4.Utopia (Original Mix) Fabrizio Di Martino

Fabrizio Di Martino(Italy)
Born in Campania (Italy), Fabrizio Di Martino made music the key point of his life. His passion brought him to the studio in search of a very own sound, influenced by dark techno and electronic soundscapes. There is no limit in this exploration as he dives deep today into dark, acid, raw sonorities, alternating lively rhythms and introspective moments. His debut EP [ODO.59] was released by Otomo Trax in 2017, followed by EP Intelligent Confusion on Synth Ethique Records (2017) and EP Acid Fog on Totem Traxx in 2018. The journey to discover new energy in wonders of the world of sounds which reaches beyond the borders of all living things form will never end!

2018年4月、イタリア在住の新鋭アーティスト、Fabrizio Di MartinoがTOTEM TRAXXからデビュー!
ダークテクノやエレクトロニカの影響を受けた彼のデビューEP [ODO.59]は2017年にOtomo Traxによってリリースされ、続いて2018年にSynth Ethique Records(2017)のEP Intelligent ConfusionとTotem TraxxからEP “Acid Fog”のリリースに注目して頂きたい。生きとし生けるもの全ての境界を超えた超自然的音世界に新エネルギーを見出す旅は続く!!

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Fabrizio Di Martino’s soundcloud : soundcloud.com/fabrizio-di-martino

Beyond the species…

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