[TTDG60] Killbotz attack EP by SS Synthasm

[TTDG60] Killbotz attack EP by SS Synthasm

1.The planet of peace feat. guitar solo by Michal Surys – SS Synthasm
2.Killbotz attack – SS Synthasm
3.After the ashes fall – SS Synthasm

Release Date : 7.NOV.2016
Released by:TOTEM TRAXX

This is it!
Space Ship Synthasm is back with it’s electronic new-retro synthesizer stories from outer space!
After well recognised “Pull Yourself Together” the time has come to release the second single entitled “Killbotz Attack”. The 3-song release tells the musical story of a peaceful planet somewhere in galaxy which was targeted by the attack of soulles Killbotz – the menace of the galaxy. The crew of SS Synthasm couldn’t help this poor planet overwhelmed by killing machines, but what we could do is keep the memmory alive with our music!
The journey continues! Step aboard the SS Synthasm and go with us where none has gone before – into the retro space of synthetic galaxies! Beyond the species!!
SS Synthasm is a new-retro synthwave project heavily inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk.
It is produced by Blarz, Polish musician associated with bands as Crystal Viper, Hellectricity, Gruzz and many more.
In march 2016 Totem TRAXX released the project’s first single “Pull Yourself Together”.
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