[TTDG61] Galactic Cafe EP by Sergiy WizarD

[TTDG61] Galactic Cafe EP by Sergiy WizarD

1.Galactic Cafe
3.The Signal


Sergiy WizarD’s biography

Sergiy WizarD - Galactic Cafe EPHe was born in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. He got into music when He was 14. A year later He bought his first synthesizer. His music tastes were formulated when he was listening The Prodigy, Faithless, The Future Sound of London, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Massive Attack, Roni Size etc. He started DJing while he was studying my University. After a long break He’ve come back into music as a producer. He is interested in quality electronic music.

Beyond the species…

ロシア・ウクライナに輝く向日葵の花。凍えるような寒さにも耐え凌ぎ、逞しく生きる白熊たち。雪の結晶は複雑な形をとり、同じものが二つとないといわれるように、その唯一無二のダイヤモンドのような輝きを放つアトモフェリックでエフェクティブなシンセサウンドに特徴を持つSergiy WizarDの新作「Galactic Cafe」が到着。それは正しくロシアの大自然を表現したような、驚くほど多様で、野生的で激しい面もあるEPに仕上がっている。雄大なロシアの大地にゆっくりと沈んでいく太陽….。こんな音世界へと旅立ってみませんか?生命体の垣根を超えた超自然的音世界に新エネルギーを見出す旅は果てしなく続く!

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