[TTDG77] The Accountant – The Roadtrip

[TTDG77] The Accountant – The Roadtrip

1. The Accountant – ALIEN IN HER LEFT EYE
2. The Accountant – BRAGG CAVES (FEAT. W8LESS)

The Accountant is an electronic music producer, DJ and owner of Calgary based record label Eyethought Records.The Accountant’s dark and emotive sound continues to progress through a hybrid of house, techno and ambient music. Always changing and always evolving but remaining true to the idea of: Beauty in Balance.
The Roadtrip EP features two tunes both made around a similar time. They showcase the sound of the highway and long trips across Canadian soil. One of the tunes was made in solitude and the other with frequent collaborator w8Less based in Edmonton, Alberta.

The journey to discover new energy in wonders of the world of sounds which reaches beyond the borders of all living things form will never end!


Artworks & Photograph // Norio Nakamura (nakanomura design)
RELEASE DATE // 8.July.2019
(C)Since 2010 Totem Traxx Records All Rights Reserved.

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