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Totem Traxx is an organization that quality dance music, adores a great party based in Japan.Started in 2010 by artist with DO SHOCK BOOZE. A totem is any species of plants, animals and music thought to possess supernatural powers. We are publishing tribal trancy house , psychedelic techno music.Each group within the society may have its own totem, including associated ceremonies. The journey to discover new energy in wonders of the world of music which reaches beyond the borders of all living things will never end….

私たちが想うTOTEMとは特定の集団や人が、それぞれ特定の音楽や動植物と超自然的関係で結ばれているのだと信じること。同時にそれは、大自然や人間を含む動植物、超常現象(音世界)から特別な力と加護を授かりたいと願う超自然崇拝であるのかもしれない。私たちはtribal trancy house や psychedelic techno musicを中心に表現しています。生命体の垣根を超えた超自然的音世界にエネルギーを見出す旅は続いているのです。

Demo and Licensing requests : info[at]totemtraxx.com

Want to send us a demo?

We look forward to, and enjoy receiving your demos – we do our very best to listen to as many as possible.
There are a few guidelines to help make it more manageable for us and increase the chance of us listening to your submission:

1. Use our official Mail Address for Demo Submissions: info[at]https://totemtraxx.com (click on Mail address for prepared mail)
Please keep in Mind: We are real people and would like to receive a personal message from you.

2. Please allow 2 weeks for us to respond.

3. Please, NO download links – use Soundcloud, or some other hosting site, so we can go straight to the tracks and listen.

4. Keep your demo submission to 2 or 4 original tracks. NO single track demos and please no remixes.

5. No unfinished or short versions of your tracks.

6. If using samples – make sure they are legal!

7. Please let us know which of our labels your demo is for.

8. Do not compress/master your tracks. We are looking for good dynamic range – not super loud, undynamic music.
If we like your music then we will take care of all mastering requirements.

Please use the following email address:


Please do not use any other email address when you wish to mail us about your demo submission.



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