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TOTEM TRAXX is a Japanese indie label derived from the indoor RAVE and launched by DO SHOCK BOOZE in 2010.TOTEM may be a supernatural worship in which each group or person experiences a supernatural relationship with specific music, Mother Nature, flora and fauna, or extraterrestrial civilizations, and wishes to receive special powers and blessings.
Now we embark on a journey to discover new energies yet to be discovered in an encounter of electronic tribal dance, trance flavors and DUB , ambient music.

TOTEM TRAXXは、東京都内で2000年代初頭に開催されていた屋内RAVE<TOTEM>を発端に、2010年にDO SHOCK BOOZEが立ち上げた日本のインディーレーベル。TOTEMとは、それぞれの集団や人間が特定の音楽、大自然、動植物や地球外文明と超自然的関係で結ばれることを体験し、特別な力と加護を授かりたいという超自然崇拝なのかもしれない。今、私たちは電子トライバルダンスとトランスのフレーバー、ダブ、アンビエント音楽の邂逅を果たし、まだ見ぬ新エネルギーを見出す旅へ出る。

Demo and Licensing requests : info[at]totemtraxx.com

Want to send us a demo?

We look forward to, and enjoy receiving your demos – we do our very best to listen to as many as possible.
Howevr we prefer electronic tribal dance and trance flavors, ambient music only.
There are a few guidelines to help make it more manageable for us and increase the chance of us listening to your submission:

1. Use our official Mail Address for Demo Submissions: info[at]https://totemtraxx.com (click on Mail address for prepared mail)
Please keep in Mind: We are real people and would like to receive a personal message from you.

2. Please allow 2 weeks for us to respond.

3. Please, NO download links – use Soundcloud, or some other hosting site, so we can go straight to the tracks and listen.

4. Keep your demo submission to 2 or 4 original tracks. NO single track demos and please no remixes.

5. No unfinished or short versions of your tracks.

6. If using samples – make sure they are legal!

7. Please let us know which of our labels your demo is for.

8. Do not compress/master your tracks. We are looking for good dynamic range – not super loud, undynamic music.
If we like your music then we will take care of all mastering requirements.

Please use the following email address:


Please do not use any other email address when you wish to mail us about your demo submission.

Do it today. or regret it tomorrow.


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