[TTDG-52] Rising Rhythm by Gukalov Music Project

Gukalov Music Project a.k.a.Alexandr Gukalov is professional artist. Since fall of the 2012th I am engaged in creation of electronic music. I have written down six albums: “Cheerful embryos” (2013), “A panic piano” (2014), “Atomic Exercise” (2014), “Full Pizazz” (2015), “Loneliness in a network” (2015), Rising Rhythm (2016).

Gukalov Music Project

TITLE : Rising Rhythm by Gukalov Music Project

Track List
01 Rising rhythm
02 Diving
03 Sea wind
04 Vamp woman
05 I come back to the sea
06 Kimmeriya
07 Mating dance of hares
08 Midsummer Night’s Dream
09 Island Bora Bora
10 Neon sparks
11 Nostalgia
12 Snow Queen
13 Gate of boundlessness
14 The Brasilians

Cast // Gukalov Music Project
Artworks & Photograph // Yoichi Hayashi
RELEASE DATE // 18.April.2016
(C)Since 2010 Totem Traxx Records All Rights Reserved.

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